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Daniela Pugliese

Art and Grammar by Daniela Pugliese

Daniela Pugliese was born in Viggiano on June 7th, 1976. She graduated with a bachelors degree in modern literature from the University of Basilicata. Her thesis, Il dialetto di Grumento Nova: Un’analisi linguistica e sociolinguistica, offered a linguistic analysis of Saponarese and won the International Prize “Meet Viggiano and the Agri Valley” in 2006.

After graduating, Daniela began to teach, offering private lessons and eventually getting certified in special education and in instruction in Braille. Over the years Daniela has gathered an ethnographic and linguistic corpus of stories and testimonies about the previous century, including some in prose.

A mother to two children, Giuseppe and Stefano, and currently employed at the post office, Daniela spends her free time pursuing her passions: writing, drawing, and painting.